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Current Online Situation

Internet activity showed the demand for on-line services allowing people to explore their wide-ranging musical tastes by downloading to be an explosive innovation. However, the ability to download music for free offered little incentive to guardians of archived music to make their properties accessible on-line. Rapid advancement in technology had not yet developed a rationale supporting an ethical, equitable currency system.

Rok One Enterprises is dedicated to restoring, or creating, liberal access to those musical works for the enjoyment of the music consumer and creative public, and the development of increased incentives for their preservation and circulation.

We believe in forging equitable partnerships between the music industry and consumer public to support and preserve liberal access to "dormant" (wholly or in part) archived music properties;

We believe this will bring about much needed change in how the industry"serves and protects" important American music heritage;

We believe an environment dedicated to liberal access to valued music art for a valuable, equitable exchange using new technologies benefits all;

We believe an alliance grounded in principal, to "participation for the commonwealth", will achieve the popular support of the industry, patrons, and fans alike.

Be a patron of the arts; develop a relationship with important American heritage; Get involved in protecting our common legacy.

Your Classic Music Archive

Rok One Enterprises offers an industry-standard online ordering system capable of robust audio storage allowing for easy downloads by paid membership. Rok One Enterprises created software applications to incorporate changing technologies. These enhancements further strengthen Rok One's partnerships by assuring increasing levels of copyright protection, distribution reach, and ease-of use.

Rok One Enterprises tracks the success of our coordinated marketing programs to measure sales effectiveness. All promotional materials (online and offline) emphasizes the affordable purchase of downloadable items. Rok One Enterprises provides interactive demos, examples, audio and other useful information (historical, contextual, etc.) to assist users.

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