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"Rock & Roll was a direct outgrowth of R & B.
It took over all the things that made R & B different from Big Band Swing." - Johnny Otis

Our mission is to help you help us resurrect the fun, excitement, vitality, and "Hip Sophistication" of some of our nation's most important artistic legacies for the greatest utility and widest appeal to customers.

Content Providers / Individual Consumers, including other music marketplace interests mentioned herein, will benefit dealing with an actual business dedicated to establishing dependable standards, practices, and ongoing relationships.

Rok One Enterprises will incorporate "reassurance" and "relationship" in all its marketing efforts. We offer a secure system providing the greatest fidelity to businesses' investment concerns, flexibility of input, and control. We provide ongoing support, convenience, responsiveness, and dependability through maintaining positive partnership alliances.

Musicians / Live Music Booking Agencies
Rok One Enterprises can be an important resource, for musicians providing live band entertainment, to access a greater variety of material to perform, and facilitate acquisition of information to okay performance of music with designated interests.

Customers can potentially be offered the ability to select music to be performed in advance of engagements as an added service feature; and bands can more easily specialize, or widen variety of cover material.

Entertainment Venues (Bars / Clubs / Restaurants)
Entertainment venue owners and management can more readily establish theme and atmosphere by using Rok One Enterprises to employ greater hands-on control over music performed and heard. No longer will entertainment establishment owners and management be as restricted to a bands standard repertoire or played out background music mixes.

Furthermore, being on the front lines of popular tastes and novelty trends, management and talent can easily respond to changes in market demands.

Stand Alone Music Outlets / Music Merchandisers
Music stores can offer greater utility and service to the buying public by employing Rok One Enterprises to reverse the tide of decreasing choice due to inventory space limitations. Music stores offering more liberal sampling opportunities in the end stand a greater chance of obtaining customers' permanent business; and customers will have incentive to increase the length and frequency of in store visits thus increasing opportunity for more purchases and multiple sales.

Rok One Enterprises will track the success of our coordinated marketing programs to measure sales effectiveness. All promotional materials (online and offline) will emphasize the convenience and flexibility of on-line access service features.

Rok One Enterprises will provide interactive demos, sample audio, and other useful information (historical, contextual, etc.) to assist its users.

Educational Institutions / Public Libraries
The benefit to the public good making previously not easily available or inaccessible art, much of it important works of American heritage, available providing Rok One Enterprises subscriptions to public reference and institutional libraries will be a solid contribution toward insuring the potential for long term enjoyment, future creativity, and educational efforts to come.

Contact us for program information.

Everyone gains through the "synergy" of an interactive environment.

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